Should we Trust Nahtasha Bhudi's (Chocolate Bunny) Donementz of MILK?" >Should we Trust Nahtasha Bhudi's (Chocolate Bunny) Donementz of MILK?" alt="Should we Trust Nahtasha Bhudi’s (Chocolate Bunny) Donementz of MILK?" />

Should we Trust Nahtasha Bhudi’s (Chocolate Bunny) Donementz of MILK?

Inna di mixup “Woman fling Milk inna Big Dutty Mixup Again” posted on this site, Nahtasha Bhudi (a fi har face dat to di lef) going by di name of Chocolate Bunny, allegedly a former Playboy employee, give it to Milk wicked wid a bag a donmentz. Below I’ve highlighted the main points receiving the most attention and have provided commentary on each:

One: That Milk deliberate recorded and released the blow-job video wid she an ZJ Liquid, and that this was done in an attempt to replicate the exponential increase in brand popularity that was obtained by Paris Hylton (and later Kim Kardashain and others).

I don’t know if this is true, however, Chocolate Bunny does give us the impression that this was revealed to her when she and Milk were close. Except for the unpleasant impact it had on Milk’s child, who was then in high
school, I really think we need to get over this video. An is not like Milk did even a shell it dung wicked. Poor ting, one a di time Milk did all haffi a squeeze up har yeye dem di way how she couldn’t manij Liquid sitin. Soh OK, a video revealed dat Milk gi blow job – what’s di big deal?! My best guess is that most women who doan give blow job, are not preoccupied wid Milk, an most a who a done har a regula fi dem mout full wid di man dem sitin inna dem jaw cawna. Mout weh nuh guilty naa trouble Milk, an guilty mout a done har, but a time fi dem lowe har. An it might surely be the case say Chocolate Bunny is a blow job philantropist…..she soun orally generous ….we jus nuh see fi har deeds pon video. Soh weh she a try done Milk bout dat fa? kmt

Two: That Milk was deported. And what’s the big deal here also? Nowadays countries a deport people fi all kind a simple tings that blanket stimatization of deportees is really baseless. A regular Jamaica deport Koreans, Indians, Chinese and Haitians. Some people doan even know say we deport US, UK and Canadians citizens too. An whole heap a uptown people a Jamaica weh me see nuff a unu a fawn ova an a hype bout will neva see di shores a di US. Additionally, many are not even aware that thousands of people get deported from abroad for simply overstaying on their visas. Soh is not dat big a deal. Also, most deportations are the result of people making MISTAKES in activities aimed at BETTERING THEIR LIVES. Dem a still smaddy pickney. Deportees are human beings, our fellow citizens, still entitled to respect. Bip up all deportees!! – NEVER WALLOW IN SHAME, jus don’t repeat mistakes, buil back, an step up inna life again. Soh me nuh see nuh reason yah soh fi done Milk.

Three: That Milk is a hermaphrodite – because she allegedly has a big clitoris. A hermaphrodite is essentially a person with both a penis and a vagina. But a BIG CLITORIS is NOT a penis! I must admit, di fus time mi draw of a drawse an see one a dem big clit deh mi did frighten yuh f**K!!  Mi did fraid an couldn’t do nuttin afta. But afta mi lef an ask question bout it an read an learn, mi realize say there is nothing to fear – in fact, it’s a huge (no pun intended) advantage if you know how fi deal wid it. It can tun up di sort out. Soh Milk, big up good-good big clitoris – not a ting wrong wid it – an nuff man out ya love di big clit dem same way.

An mi nuh know why Chocolate Bunny feel she haffi gone up unda Milk dem way deh. It jus neva seem necessary….it neva soun right…..she mek mi all a wonda if……….. cho!

Four: That Milk uses Party Planning as a cover for prostitution. Baseless! Right ya now mi doan even know how fi define di word prostitute. Cause nowadays as soon as a woman say if a man a get har JuJu him haffi tek cyere a certain tings, den immediately she get branded as a prostitute. Here mi…Milk free fi sleep wid anybody she waan damn well sleep wid. An di tings dem weh Chocolate Bunny write suggest say she might be more likely fi dash out har juju fi tings more so dan Milk.

Five: That Choocolate Bunny had to help Milk when her “Rastafarian baby-father” left her starving and homeless. This was absolutely low, disgusting and awful of Chocolate Bunny. If she really did help Milk under the mentioned conditions den she neva haffi roll out dem chat deh. And note the not so subtle diss to Rasta, by finding it necessary to identify Milk’s baby fada as same. She coulda jus say ‘baby fada’.

That Milk claimed to be the original owner of the name ‘Chocolate Bunny’, and that Chocolate Bunny stole it. Well, we all know how important it is to protect your entertainment name and brand (lol…inside joke for those who know), so if Milk is walking around making these statements and they are not true, then Milk should stop. And if Milk has never, or is not going around with these remarks, then she should jus ignore Ms Bunny an done, an Ms Bunny fi leggo dem talk deh.milk on desk

On di real though Chocolate Bunny never come over too nice. Some a di tings dem weh she say mek she look boringly vacuous and delusionary hype. For example, wen she did a hype bout how she “gave Milk the opportunity to meet Drake, Bill Mar, Chris Rock, Timbaland, JZ, Beyonce, Alecia Keys, Quentin Tarantino, etc.” Weh dat fa?? KMT! Hear mi…I met Bill Clinton while he was a very popular president of the United States, we all chat an laugh fi likkle bit. But I can guarantee yuh right now that Bill Clinton doan rememba one fawt bout Ragashanti. Yuh have some people dem say hi to a celebrity an yuh woulda tink dem an di celebrity goh pon outing. All dem name deh weh Chocolate Bunny write, if she did gi any a dem a swipe inna a bathroom, all dem might rememba a di bathroom. Mi sure dem nuh have a personal relationship wid har…soh weh she a gwaan soh fa? kmt Di way Chocolate Bunny flow ya soh it say supm bout har priorities an har character – an is not a good look!! She too hype yow.

Mi nuh know wa Milk mighta do fi really diss up Chocolate Bunny, an if she do nuttin vile den Chocolate Bunny have all right fi defen har self. But base pon weh Chocolate Bunny write, mi nuh see any reason fi really done Milk. Soh big up yuh good-good self Milk!! It look like yuh a presha a gyal bad! bad! bad!!!

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